Visiting the doctor (556-570)

556    I went to see my doctor for a check-up yesterday.
557    The doctor discovered that I’m a little overweight.
558    He gave me a chest X-ray and took my blood pressure.
559    He told me to take these pills every four hours.
560    Do you think the patient can be cured?
561    They operated on him last night.
562    He needed a blood transfusion.
563    My uncle had a heart attack last year.
564    They had to call in a heart specialist.
565    What did the doctor say?
566    The doctor advised me to get plenty of exercise.
567    The doctor said I look pale.
568    If I want to be healthy, I have to stop smoking cigarettes.
569    The physician said smoking is harmful to my health.
570    It’s just a mosquito bite. There’s nothing to worry about.

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