Talking about things to wear (631-645)

631    What are you going to wear today?
632    I’m going to wear my blue suit. Is that all right?
633    I have two suits to send to the cleaners.
634    I have some shirts to send to the laundry.
635    You ought to have that coat cleaned and pressed.
636    I’ve got to get this shirt washed and ironed.
637    All my suits are dirty. I don’t have anything to wear.
638    You’d better wear a light jacket. It’s chilly today.
639    This dress doesn’t fit me anymore.
640    I guess I’ve outgrown this pair of trousers.
641    These shoes are worn-out. They’ve lasted a long time.
642    I can’t fasten this collar button.
643    Why don’t you get dressed now? Put on your work clothes.
644    My brother came in, changed his clothes, and went out again.
645    I didn’t notice you were wearing your new hat.

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