Talking about past possibilities (676-677)

676    What would you have done last night if you hadn’t had to study?
677    I would have gone on the picnic if it hadn’t rained.
678    If you had gotten up earlier, you would have had time for breakfast.
679    If I had had time, I would have called you.
680    Would he have seen you if you hadn’t waved to him?
681    If he had only had enough money, he would have bought that house.
682    I wish you had called me back the next day, as I had asked you to.
683    If you hadn’t slipped and fallen, you wouldn’t have broken your leg.
684    If I had known you wanted to go, I would have called you.
685    Had I known you didn’t have a key, I wouldn’t have locked the door.
686    She would have gone with me, but she didn’t have time.
687    If I had asked for directions, I wouldn’t have gotten lost.
688    Even if we could have taken a vacation, we might not have wanted to.
689    Everything would have been all right, if you hadn’t said that.
690    Looking back on it, I wish we hadn’t given in so easily.

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