Talking about neighbours and friends (361-375)

361    Where did you grow up?
362    I grew up right here in this neighbourhood.
363    My friend spent his childhood in California.
364    He lived in California until he was seventeen.
365    There have been a lot of changes here in the last 20 years.
366    There used to be a grocery store on the corner.
367    All of the houses have been built in the last ten years.
368    They’re building a new house up the street from me.
369    If you buy that home, will you spend the rest of your life there?
370    Are your neighbours very friendly?
371    We all know each other pretty well.
372    A young married couple moved in next door to us.
373    Who bought that new house down the street from you?
374    An elderly man rented the big white house.
375    What beautiful trees those are.

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