Preparing to leave a host or hostess

Preparing to leave a host or hostess
Well, it’s getting late.
Is it that late already?
 Is it that time already?
 Looks like it’s that time.
The time has come.
 I hate to eat and run.
I don’t want to wear out my welcome.
I need my beauty sleep.(jocular)
 We have to get up early tomorrow.
 We have a big day tomorrow.
 big = busy
I need to run.
I’m afraid I must run.
 I’m afraid I must be going.
I’ve got to be running.
I’m afraid I have to be going.
I’ve got to be going.
I’d better be off.
I’d best be off.
I’d best leave now.
I better get moving.
I better hit the road.
I must  be off.
I must say good night.
I’ve got to hit the road. (idiomatic)
I better get on my horse. (idiomatic)
I’m off. (informal)
I’m out of here. (slang)
I’m history. (slang)
Better be going.
Better be off.
Better get moving.
Better hit the road. (idiomatic)
Time to call it a day.
Time to call it a night.
Time to go.
Time to hit the road.
Time to move along.
Time to push along.
Time to push off.
Time to shove off
Time to split. (slang)
Time flies when you’re having fun. (cliché)
Gotta  go.
Got to hit the road.
Got to run.
Got to shove off
Got to split. (slang)
Got to take off.
Got  to be shoving off.
Got  to fly.
Got to get moving.
Got to go home and get my beauty sleep. (jocular)
Have to be moving along.
Have to go now.
Have to move along.
Have to run along.
 Have to shove off.

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