Newspapers and Magazines (856-870)

856    I sent in a subscription to that magazine. It’s put out every week.
857    If you subscribe to the newspaper, it’ll be delivered to your door.
858    I didn’t read the whole paper. I just glanced at the headlines.
859    The first chapter of the story is in this issue of the magazine.
860    I haven’t seen the latest issue of the magazine. Is it out yet?
861    What’s the total circulation of this newspaper?
862    I’m looking for the classified section. Have you seen it?
863    My brother-in-law is a reporter on the New York Times staff.
864    There was an article in today’s paper about the election.
865    There wasn’t much news in the paper today.
866    How long have you been taking this magazine?
867    Did you read the article about the rescue of the two fishermen?
868    Why don’t you put an advertisement in the paper to sell your car?
869    I got four replies to my ad about the bicycle for sale.
870    My son has a newspaper route. He delivers the morning paper.

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