Hobbies and Interest (826-840)

826    My hobby is collecting stamps. Do you have a hobby?
827    I’ve always thought photography would be an interesting hobby.
828    Some people like horse back riding, but I prefer golfing as a hobby.
829    Do you have any special interests other than your job?
830    Learning foreign languages is just an a vocation with me.
831    I find stamp collecting relaxing and it takes my mind off my work.
832    On weekends I like to get my mind off my work by reading good books.
833    My cousin is a member of a drama club. He seems to enjoy acting.
834    He plays the piano for his own enjoyment.
835    I’ve gotten interested in hi-fi. I’m building my own equipment.
836    He’s not a professional. He plays the piano for the fun of it.
837    I’ve heard of unusual hobbies, but I’ve never heard of that one.
838    The trouble with skiing is that it’s an expensive hobby.
839    That’s a rare set of coins. How long did it take you to collect them?
840    I started a new hobby. I got tired of working in the garden.

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