Going shopping (496-510)

496    I’m going shopping because I need to buy some clothes.
497    If this shirt doesn’t fit, may I bring it back later?
498    What size shoes do you wear?
499    That suit looks very good on you.
500    This dress is made of silk, isn’t it?
501    I’d like to try on this sweater.
502    I’m interested in buying a new car.
503    What’s the price of that electric iron?
504    How much is this rug?
505    Is this toothpaste on sale today?
506    That’s a beautiful leather wallet, but it cost too much.
507    How much do I owe you?
508    That will be eighteen dollars and seventy-five cents.
509    Do you have change for a twenty dollars bill?
510    The clerk helped me find what I wanted.

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