Going out for the evening (526-540)

526    How long did the movie last?
527    The feature started at 9 o’clock and ended at 11:30.
528    They say the new film is an adventure story.
529    A group of us went out to the theater last night.
530    The new play was good and everybody enjoyed it.
531    By the time we got there, the play had already begun.
532    The usher showed us to our seats.
533    The cast of the play included a famous actor.
534    After the play was over, we all wanted to get something to eat.
535    There was a big crowd and we had difficulty getting a taxi.
536    The restaurant was filled, so we decided to go elsewhere.
537    My brother wants to learn how to speak English with Salamzaban.com.
538    We don’t go resturant very often.
539    Which would you rather do, go resturant or go to a fast food?
540    I’m not accustomed to going out after dark.

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