Farms and Factories (811-825)

811    Because of the warm and sunny weather, oranges grow very well here.
812    In this flat country people grow wheat and corn and raise cattle.
813    The ground around here is stony and not very good for farming.
814    What are the principal farm products in this region?
815    Milk, butter, and cheese are shipped here from the dairy farms.
816    They had to cut down a lot of trees to make room for farms.
817    At this time of the year farmers plow their fields.
818    On many farms you’ll find cows and chickens.
819    If you have cows you have to get up early to do the milking.
820    New technology have revolutionized farming.
821    In the United States, there are many factories for making clothes.
822    Factories employ both male and female workers.
823    If you work in a factory, you usually have to punch a clock.
824    Is meat packing a big industry in your country?
825    Is it true that the manufacturing of automobiles is a major industry?

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