Discussing different points of view (646-660)

646    You have your point of view, and I have mine.
647    You approach it in a different way than I do.
648    I won’t argue with you, but I think you’re being unfair.
649    That’s a liberal point of view.
650    He seems to have a lot of strange ideas.
651    I don’t see any point in discussing the question any further.
652    What alternatives do I have?
653    Everyone is entitled to his own opinion.
654    There are always two sides to everything.
655    We have opposite views on this.
656    Please forgive me. I didn’t mean to start an argument.
657    I must know your opinion. Do you agree with me?
658    What point are you trying to make?
659    Our views are not so far apart, after all.
660    We should be able to resolve our differences.

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