Countries and nationalities (751-765)

751    What’s your nationality? Are you American?
752    What part of the world do you come from?
753    I’m an American by birth.
754    I was born in Spain, but I’m a citizen of France.
755    Do you know what the population of Japan is?
756    What’s the area of the Congo in square miles?
757    Who is governor of this state?
758    According to the latest census, our population has increased.
759    Politically, the country is divided into fifty states.
760    The industrial area is centered largely in the north.
761    The country is rich in natural resources. It has mineral deposits.
762    This nation is noted for its economic stability.
763    How old do you have to be to vote in the national elections?
764    Today we celebrate our day of independence. It’s a national holiday.
765    My home is in the capital. It’s a cosmopolitan city.

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