Asking people to do things (316-330)

316    Would you please tell Mr. Cooper that I’m here?
317    Take this books home with you tonight.
318    Please bring me those magazines.
319    Would you help me lift this heavy box?
320    Please ask John to turn on the lights.
321    Put your books down on the table.
322    Get me a hammer from the kitchen, will you?
323    Hang up my coat in the closet, will you please?
324    Please don’t bother me now, I’m very busy.
325    Would you mind mailing this letter for me?
326    If you have time, will you call me tomorrow?
327    Please pick up those cups and saucers.
328    Will you do me a favour?
329    Please count the chairs in that room.
330    Please pour this milk into that glass.

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