Asking about furniture and places to live (616-630)

616    We’re looking for a house to rent for the summer.
617    Are you trying to find a furnished house?
618    This split-level house is for rent. It’s a bargain.
619    That house is for sale. It has central heating.
620    We have a few kitchen things and a dinning room set.
621    This is an interesting floor plan. Please show me the basement.
622    The roof has leaks in it, and the front steps need to be fixed.
623    We’ve got to get a bed and a dresser for the bedroom.
624    Does the back door have a lock on it?
625    They’ve already turned on the electricity. The house is ready.
626    I’m worried about the appearance of the floor. I need to wax it.
627    If you want a towel, look in the linen closet.
628    What style furniture do you have? Is it traditional?
629    We have drapes for the living room, but we need kitchen curtains.
630    The house needs painting, it’s in bad condition.

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