Asking about likes and dislikes (691-705)

691    What is it you don’t like about winter weather?
692    I don’t like it when the weather gets real cold.
693    I can’t stand summer weather.
694    The thing I don’t like about driving is all the traffic on the road.
695    He doesn’t like the idea of going to bed early.
696    I like to play tennis, but I’m not a very good player.
697    I don’t like spinach even though I know it’s good for me.
698    I’m afraid you’re being too particular about your food.
699    He always finds fault with everything.
700    She doesn’t like anything I do or say.
701    You have wonderful taste in clothes.
702    What’s your favorite pastime?
703    What did you like best about the movie?
704    Why do you dislike the medicine so much?
705    I didn’t like the taste of the medicine, but I took it anyway.