مکالمه انگلیسی در مورد خرید جواهرات

مکالمه انگلیسی در مورد خرید جواهرات


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There are many types of jewelry, but the ones I will focus on are the ring, necklace, earring, bracelet, and watch. Although watch can be in a category by itself, we will include it in this section until a separate section is created.

Conversation is usually started with a person complimenting a piece of jewelry. Here are some examples.


عبارات متداول

“That’s a beautiful necklace.”
“What a magnificent ring.”
“I like the design of your ring.”
“Your bracelet is very nice.”
“I love your watch.”
“What a beautiful pair of earrings.”

“Where did you get your necklace from?”
“What is the carat on your diamond ring?”
“Is that your wedding ring?”

“What type of diamond is that?”

“What is the make of your watch?”

“Is that white gold, silver, or platinum?”

“Is your gold ring 14 carats or 18 carats?”


carat واحد اندازه گیری طلا و الماس است

جواب های متداول

Carat is a unit of measurement for gold or diamond. 24 carat is pure gold and 50 percent of pure gold is 12 carats. Diamonds use carat to determine size. One carat is considered to be pretty big. While getting past 3 carats will be uncommon for the general people because of the large size.

Answering a compliment is very easy. All you need to say is, ‘Thank you.’ But if you want to elaborate, you can say the following things.

“Thank you. My husband got it for me for our anniversary.”
“Thank you. It was a present from my boyfriend.”

“Do you like it? My grandmother gave it to me.”

“This is a Rolex. My husband and I got a matching pair for our wedding.”
“This is a Cartier. I bought it last summer.”



Jewelry – General Statements

عبارات عمومی


“You can tell she is rich by all the jewelry she is wearing.”
“Did you see the size of the rock on her finger?”
“Her boyfriend buys her a lot of jewelry. He must be rich.”

“I want a necklace for my graduation gift.”

“My mom is going to give me her ring when I get married. It’s a tradition we have in our family.”

“Girls love jewelry as much as guys love sports.”
“Not all girls like jewelry. Some of them think it is a waste of money.”
“Even the girls who don’t like jewelry would buy a lot if they had a lot of money.”

“Do you think I should buy her a necklace or a ring?”

“If you buy her a ring, she might think you are proposing to her.”

“How much do you think I will need to buy my fiancé a nice diamond ring?”
“How much do I need to buy a decent diamond ring?”

“Do girls like diamond earrings?”